Choose Journey over Destination

The following message is taped over my desk: It was given to me by a friend. “If you knew where the treasure is would you enjoy the journey as much, or, would you miss things along the way by focusing on the treasure?” It’s been my experience that regardless of the outcome I anticipate, sometimes the fulfillment comes from implementing a plan rather than actually achieving the goal! Think about a time that you planned a surprise, arranged the details for a vacation, the years you were in college to earn a degree, overcame a job loss or spent weekends looking for the perfect home to purchase.

While every journey of value has its challenges, how meaningful would reaching the destination be if there were no stories or excitement related to the experience? A significant part of getting what you want is in the road taken to achieve it.

While intellectually this makes sense, if you are like me, I get impatient. When will my plans come together? How much longer must I wait to achieve the rewards I desire? Why is it that the closer I get to something I want, a challenge shows up creating a set back? Are road blocks treasures in disguise? Do we willingly learn life’s lessons or are the lessons we learn the result of our having to alter our course to reach our destination?

The reality is that there is no end to one’s journey. It simply continues day to day, as one experience follows another. The journey embraces the people who impact us, circumstances and changes we can’t control, the choices and decisions we make and the effect of those actions over time.

The road is comprised of trial and error, risks and opportunities, pleasure and disappointment. Through it all, we learn and grow as we move closer to our destination. I encourage you to be patient with yourself and the universe. Take time to experience your journey and enjoy the treasures along the way.

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