Walk In My Boots ~ The Joy Of Connecting

Walk In My Boots ~ The Joy Of Connecting represents a personal journey to new awareness of the connecting process. It’s not about the money! It’s not about the business referrals!

Connecting is about valuing who you are & shifting your consciousness to share yourself with others.
When you understand this concept the doors to life changing money will open!

Walk In My Boots ~ The Joy Of Connecting will show you:

  • How you can attract people & build lasting & lucrative relationships
  • How to leverage your relationships to increase your network
  • How you can stand out in the crowd
  • Why listening is so much better than talking

Pongase en Mis Botas ~ La Alegria de Relacionarse

Walk In My Boots ~ The Joy Of Connecting – Bonnie’s signature book, is now available in Spanish!!

Y.O.U Set A High Standard For Being Human

Bonnie shares how one’s life journey is really our journey. Life is about connecting. Connect with Bonnie as she offers you her ideas to enhance and strengthen your personal and professional relationships.

42 Rules for Effective Connections

Tired of the same ‘ole networking chatter? Do you think anyone is really listening to what you have to say? Wish you were somewhere else? If you have to network to grow your business and find yourself spending money going to events, meeting as many people as possible and returning to the office with a handful of business cards without the results you want, you can benefit from the strategies presented in 42 Rules for Effective Connections.

Written by Joy of Connecting licensees – some of the most effective networkers on the planet – 42 Rules for Effective Connections is a must-read.

Take Two! Bonnie Ross-Parker and Phil Parker

Grandpa Does Grandma

A book collaboration for any adult to read!

Meet my husband Phil Parker. An accomplished author and speaker that has been hired, fired, acquired, merged, purged, downsized, rightsized.. but never capsized. When Phil was asked “now that you are older, what do you with your time now that you don’t have sex…” Phil’s response – the book Grandpa Does Grandma, The ABC’s of Senior Sex. The book shares the edgier side and the softer side from the perspective of males and females. With his trademark wit and style – Phil (with Bonnie’s help!) shows that just because you are older, doesn’t mean you still can’t do it! To find out more about Grandpa Does Grandma, or to purchase, click here.

Click here to find out more about Phil Parker. 

Discovery and Recovery - A Shared Story

My Breast Cancer Journey

May Bonnie Ross-Parker’s cancer journey offer you support,
compassion and understanding in what you, too, are facing.

Let her discovery and recovery strengthen your determination and faith.

This complimentary e-book is her gift toward your healing.

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