In 1999, a friend gave me a gift – the following booklet on empowering one’s soul. I recently came across it and thought you, too, would appreciate this simple wisdom.. Sometimes, even the basic lessons of life can have the most profound effect. Consider beginning today to enhance and enrich your life and the lives of those you touch. May 2018 reap limitless rewards and well-being.

Ten Ways to Empower Your Soul

One: Simplify! Simplify! Overcome by clutter? Overweight? Mind and senses on overload? Uncomplicate your life by remembering this simple adage: “Less is more.” Drop the unnecessary and nonessential. Avoid gossip, useless clutter, overindulgence. Cultivate cheerfulness, neatness and a positive attitude. Dress simply, eat simply and practice simplicity in thought, speech and action. Simplify, simplify as you seek a higher purpose in life.

TWO: Choose a Direction. Racing from one commitment to another, overscheduling, trying out one self-improvement method after another, can leave you tired, confused and unsure of what to do next. It’s time to decide what’s important. Slow down! Let your mind become clear as you refocus your intentions. Make conscious choices. Always choose the best possible option. Be unwavering as you choose a direction for your spiritual and worldly life and let life’s distractions pass you by.

THREE: Transcend the Ordinary. If your life lacks spontaneity and surprise, your zest for life has probably fizzled. Unleash the power of your imagination! Walk down a different street. Transform frustration by cultivating patience and kindness. Smile at a stranger. Experience the world with a beginner’s mind. Remember that life is a gift and enjoy each moment.

FOUR: See the Light. Do you feel like you’re existing rather than living? On the brink of boredom? Expand your inner and outer vision to look for beauty and delight in yourself and the world. Choose to be cheerful. Practice being positive. Share your energy by reaching out to help others. Respect and love yourself, your companions and your world. Let your inner self shine and radiate light.

FIVE: Meditate. Mind full of scattered thoughts? Feeling disconnected from your self? Meditation is the answer. Give yourself a few minutes each day to sit quietly. Calm the body and mind. Take notice as you become less affected by the turmoil of life. Through meditation you can return again and again to the center of your being. Meditation gives you the best of life. Love your practice. Doesn’t your spiritual life deserve a few minutes every day?

SIX: Be Fearless. When you’re full of anxiety and fear, be bold! Watch your emotions and breathe deeply as you release tension, anxiety and fear and let them float away. Without condemning yourself or others, correct your misstates and move on. Life in the present moment rather than in past of future thoughts. Avoid procrastination – do what needs to be done at the moment it needs to be done. Become fearless and happy.

SEVEN: Wake Up! If you’re walking blindly through life and have tunnel vision, it’s time to wake up! Our habits deplete or enhance vital, creative energy. Start now to cultivate good habits. Practice breath awareness daily. Take a brisk walk to invigorate body and mind. Set aside time for relaxation. Stretch. Laugh with your loved ones. Learn to see every moment as a chance for new and refreshing opportunities.

EIGHT: Eat for Life. We live in an overfed and under-exercised society. A simple, balanced diet keeps us healthy. Choose whole foods. Prepare them with love. Eat slowly. Chew food thoroughly. Take time to taste the food you’re eating. Whenever possible, eat your main meal at noon and a light meal for dinner. Don’t eat between 7 pm and 7 am. Give thanks for your food and your life.

NINE: Keep Good Company. Just as good food makes you healthy, good company makes you cheerful and uplifts your spirit. The greatest blessing on the spiritual path is the company o fellow aspirants. Cultivate the friendship of those you aspire to emulate. Keep good company to become good company.

TEN: Be Flexible. Backaches, headaches and indigestion can be signs of being stressed out and uptight. Don’t sweat little things. Compromise when possible. Exercise your body – consider yoga, dance, hiking, bike riding, swimming. Exercise your mind – read, reflect, expand. Watch your life change.

I’d love to know which of the 10 ways spoke to you. How will you empower your soul in 2018?

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  • Pat Hand

    As always, Bonnie, you have “struck gold” with your list. I think my focus for 2018 is something of a blend of items 2, 4 and 5 on your list.

    I think like many sole proprietors/business owners, I fall prey to the Tyranny of the Urgent … putting out fires and focusing on the hot buttons — most specifically client requests that always are at the top of my priority list. Too often, that laser focus leaves too many VERY IMPORTANT tasks undone, or getting short shrift on my schedule.

    I recently began devoting four hours each week to a regular shift as volunteer chaplain position at our local hospital. I always clock in with the intent of encouraging and supporting others … but somehow each time I leave with my own spirit buoyed. The act of encouraging others somehow feeds my spirit. I’ve also sadly neglected my daily devotions in recent years … and I have come into the New Year determined to give God His time each day.

    I know there will be days, but no longer will I allow the URGENT to take over the IMPORTANT on a daily basis. BE IT RESOLVED!

  • bonnie ross-parker

    “When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” You are doing just that, Pat. 2018 promises to be a great year for you.

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