The Golden Key: Personal & Professional Development

More than 2 decades ago I had the never to forget experience of hearing Les Brown live. I was one of thousands in an auditorium and honestly thought he was speaking directly to me! It was the first time I had attended that kind of venue as most of my arena experiences were sports or concert related.

I came home late that afternoon and made a commitment that I would engage in learning. My college degree(s) and franchise training didn’t nearly prepare me for the kind of ‘life changing’ activities that had the potential to increase my confidence and competence. I was hooked. Since that time, I’ve never looked back except with total gratitude that Les had the influence he did to make me a better, more well-rounded and successful person – both personally and professionally.

In ‘those days’ (don’t you love it when our elders refer to ‘back in the days’), one primarily learned from books and seminars. Online classes, videos, blogging, websites, virtual experiences, social media interaction, etc. simply didn’t exist. Today, it’s both empowering & overwhelming the resources that are available off and online. We can engage in so many ways, as often as one chooses, efficiently and affordably.

That being said, the question becomes, where are you on the road to increasing your knowledge, value and contribution(s) to individuals and in the marketplace? Are you increasing your understanding, expanding your skills and making a more significant impact by applying new insights and information?

With 34+ years of practice, face to face networking has become my signature area of expertise. As a starter, if you want to learn and apply a few pointers in the area of networking, I would love to send you my “Learning To Network” tips to Make Every Connection Count. Stay tuned as I continue now and then to share ideas and strategies through my blog.

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