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Bonnie Ross-Parker receives Rave Reviews for all her presentations, workshops and training.

  • My name is Jesse Pilkenton. I work in Business Development for a growing software development and design firm in Atlanta. We get exposed to a lot of different speakers and teaching tools on a consistent basis, but few that we've encountered are as helpful as Bonnie Ross Parker. I attended the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Summit and was lucky enough to encounter Bonnie as a gifted communicator in a breakout session. She took the next hour to impart to our group a serious upgrade in our confidence and ability to be a savvy networker. I have never received such helpful insight and strategic wisdom about this subject in such a short period of time. I was being encouraged and challenged simultaneously. Simply phenomenal. Bonnie is a dynamic story teller with a genuinely candid nature backed by a sharp mind that makes business leaders like myself want to listen to what she has to say -- and what she has to say is worth its weight in gold!

    Jesse Pilkenton
  • I cannot express how supported I have felt over the last year and half that I have known Bonnie.  Bonnie is a real inspiration.  She reminds me so much of my mother.  She is strong, genuine, caring and when you talk with her you know know and feel it.  Bonnie is the real thing. She has no hidden agenda.  She really enjoys getting to know other women and loves to connect them with the people they need to know.  It's never about Bonnie, it's always about the others who's lives she touches.  Thank you Bonnie for being the amazing woman that you are.  

    Arlene Cohen Ruby Ribbon Stylist
  • There are women you need to know and then there are women you MUST know. Bonnie Ross-Parker is one of the women you MUST know. She walks the walk she talks. Bonnie is truly The Connection Diva and not only does she make great connections - she teaches others how to do the same. Her lessons are timeless. I love reading and re-reading her thoughts and her wisdom that she so generously shares with anyone that takes the time. It's worth taking the time. Thank you Bonnie for all you do for the women in your circle!

    Lori Lyons Ignite Marketing / Xperience Connections Leader
  • Bonnie, on behalf of Memorable Moments by Jackie, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the times you think of me. You have truly been and continue to be from the time we first met not only an inspiration in so many ways as well as becoming a client.  Know there are not enough words that can thank you for your support.  I am truly grateful.  Continue being the special person that you are!  I’ve learned so much from you.    

    Jacqueline Dowie Memorable Moments by Jackie
  • "Bonnie Ross-Parker is a dynamic speaker with a compelling message.  Her topics are relevant and her presentation riveting.   Bonnie is passionate about topics relevant to women in business and has practical advice to take them to the next level of success in their endeavors.   If you need a speaker to inspire, educate, and challenge an audience, you will not do better than Bonnie.   On a scale of 10, I give her a 12!"

    Pat Hand Dancing Moon Travel
  • If you want to learn HOW to put your relationships on steroids in an easy to implement and predictable way - I highly recommend Bonnie Ross-Parker. When she speaks - you'll hear all about her winning formulas that help to build extraordinary relationships that last a lifetime. She is fun, authentic, intelligent and ​truly the Queen of Networking And Meaningful Connections.

    Donna Lang Smart Tools Coaching
  • We would like to personally thank you for your inspiring contribution to our Crossing Bridges Conference in Nuremberg. Your talk to the international group of participants was a major factor in making the event such a great success. Especially your 5-minute-pitch encouraging people to share one big idea with each other when exchanging business cards helped everyone connect effectively and have fun at the same time. The exercise you integrated in your talk also contributed to the spirit of the conference, adding a wonderfully lively touch at the end of an intensive day. All who were present walked away with new great ideas about how to make every connection count. We appreciate your coming all the way to Germany for this event and look forward to connecting with you in the future!

    Susanne Bohn & Petra Hartz Conference Coordinator & President FaU
  • Ms. Bonnie Ross-Parker filled in on three days notice for one of our breakout sessions speakers, who had emergency bypass surgery the Monday before our 7 th Annual Tri-State Human Resources Conference. Ms. Ross-Parker did an excellent job and received outstanding evaluations from the attendees. Her presentation was listed more than any other breakout session as the one that stood out the most at our conference. Ms. Ross-Parker’s topic was “Are you a Savvy Networker?” The attendee comments reflect her exceptional presentation ability.

    • “This is an outstanding speaker – she would be a good Keynote in the future.”
    • “I loved that her ideas can be applied to all areas of my public life – not just work. She was great!”
    • “Great Information. Great Energy.”
    • “Kept us interested and alert, and gave good practical advice and info.”
    • “Very motivating.”
    •  “Best session ever!”
    •  “Networking – it was interactive, energetic, and informative.”
    I found Ms. Ross-Parker to be very fun to be around and she is very professional too. I am certain that Ms. Ross-Parker will always exceed your expectations and make a big impact on those who hear her presentations. I heard lots of attendees just raving about how great her presentation was.

    George Hammett Chairman Tri-State Conference Committee Greenville Society for Human Resource Management
  • It was our sincere pleasure to have Bonnie Ross-Parker as a speaker for our annual sales convention, the Bee,  and, through this letter, to highly recommend her credentials as a speaker. Over the course of our three subsequent, back-to-back sales conventions, Bonnie spoke to over 4,500 of our home sales consultants about how to build new and lasting relationships and develop their personal networking in order to grow their respective businesses. Her topic – “Think B.I.G. with Bonnie Ross-Parker” – focused on sharing techniques on how to make connections, ensure success in all networking arenas and build relationships that improve performance and get results. Bonnie’s presentation hit the mark in terms of addressing a subject that empowers them to grow their customer, hostess and sponsor base. She clearly is very knowledgeable about her subject, shared important information and meaningful personal anecdotes, and is a polished public speaker. In addition, she was a true professional in her dealings with us from beginning to end. Because our three sales conventions stretch over eight days, we spent a great deal of time with Bonnie and found her to be responsive and professional over the course of a very busy and arduous week. Our sense is that our consultants gained knowledge and insight from her and that – combined with the other instruction they received at the Bee – left her session with important information and insight that will serve them well throughout the year.

    Ann Fornataro Director, Sales Field Learning & Effectiveness
  • I am writing to thank you again for sharing your time and expertise with our District III & IV Conference of Credit Professionals International. The feedback has been unanimously positive.  Your topic of “Savvy Networking” was topical, and the tips and skills you suggested will be helpful not only to the entrepreneurs that were present, but to many of the attendees in their professional and personal lives and for all of the members as we learn to network to promote our association and its activities. We appreciate the great interaction you had with the audience, involving them in the process and keeping everyone engaged and entertained as we learned.  You had a lively pace, great eye contact, and a knack for bringing the topic to life that kept everyone involved and on the edge of their seats. We also enjoyed having you with us later that evening for the networking event where our members were able to practice what you had taught them earlier at the workshop.  Thank you for being so gracious, for making our host city of Atlanta look good, and for contributing to the success of our entire conference!

    Carol Neal Vice President and Education Chairman Credit Professionals International of Atlanta
  • Bonnie-Ross Parker, America’s Connection Diva, was a breath of fresh air for our Chamber members at our June Lunch-N-Learn. It is so easy to get caught up in the “networking” where we tell our message, give our business cards, shake a few hands; but what are we really doing? Bonnie taught us instead the “Joy of Connecting.” With plenty of must do tips to apply immediately such as “never give a business card without someone asking” to helping us see the bigger picture of life with thought provoking quotes to keep such as “You never know who you’re going to meet and the difference you can make,” Bonnie made a difference in how we all see networking, and she will do the same for your group too! Bonnie’s presentation is filled with real life stories and a twist on some of the most common networking pitfalls that we may not even be aware we’re doing. Everyone left with a toolbox full of ideas to ensure they are memorable and most importantly building relationships. Bonnie is a pleasure to work with and leaves a smile on everyone’s face and a bit of joy in everyone’s life after hearing her inspiring program! Thank you for your consideration in working with Bonnie!

    Becky Needham Membership Manager Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce
  • The Atlanta chapter of Women In Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) was honored to have Ms. Bonnie Ross-Parker as a keynote speaker at our annual Education EXPLO. As such, it is my privilege to highly recommend her as an inspirational and motivational speaker. Bonnie spoke to our group on the importance of being a “Savvy Networker,” a topic that could not have been more relevant to our attendees! It was immediately obvious that the audience instantly took to Bonnie and her creative presentation style, which was highlighted by her warm personality and quick wit. She took great strides to tailor her speech to our group and exhibited her gift for getting people motivated about and involved in the topic at hand. As a result, Bonnie scored extremely high on the attendees’ evaluations, and we are still getting rave reviews about her presentation from our members. Bonnie Ross-Parker played a tremendous part in making our one-day conference a success for our organization and a worthwhile experience for all who attended! If you would care to speak with me further about our group’s experience with Bonnie, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Ellen Springer President-WIFS-Atlanta
  • Bonnie's presentation on connecting was useful for anyone in any career and timeless.....

    A Mary Kay Sales Representative


    A Mary Kay Sales Representative
  • "Connection is not some topic Bonnie has decided to write about.... it is Bonnie's way of life! Whether it is connecting to self, family, community, colleagues or to values, Bonnie tells her truth in a loving, open manner that pours out of her heart into ours."


    Susan RoAne Keynote Speaker/Best Selling Author of How To Work A Room® and, Networking: BEYOND The Buzzword.
  • "Bonnie's passion for teaching the secrets of connecting, combined with her wisdom and expertise for weaving in stories and examples, really made for a great program."


    Randy Gilbert Host of The Inside Success Show
  • "Thank you for your dynamic and interactive presentation to the participants at the Women Healthcare Executives luncheon.  Evaluation comments included: Bonnie was very friendly, introduced herself to us as soon as she came into the room....very warm individual....enjoyed her talk tremendously. Three major points - easy to remember."


    Hilary Unell VP/Program Chair
  • "Participants derived value in many ways especially the ideas on how to differentiate themselves, how to make themselves become memorable and how to make a difference in their community."  

    Sara Im President/Co-Founder Georgia Women In Networking, Inc.
  • "I believe every student benefited from attending your program, 'Effective Connecting for Effective Results' Your words will definitely have an impact on all of our futures. The networking strategies you presented will be a strong guide as we depart KSU into the real world."


    Nathan Barrett Director of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Kennesaw State University.
  • "The information Bonnie shared was very detailed and practical."


    Business Studen Kennesaw State University GA
  • " Thank you for your engaging and informative presentation at the GACE Drive In. Not only were you prepared with a wealth of information, but you also provided opportunities for our participants to interact with one another and share with the larger group some of their challenges and successes. Your energetic style offered a nice balance between information and interaction!"


    Courtney Gazley Co-chair GACE Professional Development The University of Georgia @ Gwinnett
  • "Very engaging and knowledgeable." "The morning topic of Effective Connecting for Effective Results was very relevant to everyone and the interactivity was super."  "Bonnie is engaging and energetic." Bonnie related information to all attendees."....


    Participants at the Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers Drive In Workshop Drive In Workshop
  • "Your presentation at the First Annual Professional Women's Workshop/Luncheon in Gwinnett was not only enjoyable, but informative as well. Everyone left with specific steps they could use in both their business and personal lives to connect and network on a higher level.  I've received nothing but positive comments about your presentation."  

    Patricia Stallworth University of Georgia Business Outreach Services/Small Business Development Center
  • Thank you for your networking program. I have received extremely positive feedback! My favorite: “In sixty short minutes, Bonnie ignited excitement in my life about changing some things. She inspired me to make needed changes in the way I think about things and how I present myself.”


    Chris Hebert Executive Assistant PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Thank you for coming to PWC and inspiring my colleagues with your savvy networking techniques. You got so many rave reviews on both of the sessions!  

    Melissa Paul Executive Assistant PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Bonnie – Thank you so much for sharing your networking expertise with our group at Price Waterhouse Cooper! It has been a very long time since I’ve established goals for myself, but as a result of your powerful presentation, I have four specific goals based on: punctuality, generosity, neatness/appearance and reliability. Can’t wait to practice my newly found skills.


    Participant PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • I recently had the good fortune to attend a one-hour seminar regarding networking conducted by Bonnie Ross Parker. I have participated in several training sessions regarding this topic in the past but I can honestly say that I learned more in one hour with Bonnie than I have in any previous session with other instructors. Bonnie was direct and cut to the chase, providing very simple yet effective tools that I had hoped to glean from other sessions I have attended. Her energy caught my attention from the beginning and the stories she shared were captivating, relevant, meaningful and inspiring. She was able to transfer to her audience her enthusiasm for connecting in a believable and convincing way. Bonnie gave me increased confidence and motivated me to experiment with the tools she provided. Networking is most effective when it is genuine. I am now genuinely and eagerly looking forward to exploring networking opportunities whether it's in the supermarket or at a formal networking event. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your passion and joy of connecting with us!  

    Cindy J. Mommer Executive Assistant/ Manager PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Dear Bonnie, I want you to know how much I enjoyed hearing you speak on Wednesday, June 20th at the Putnam Chamber's lunch and learn. I have always been a natural at connecting people and resources but your stories and points were eye-opening, making me realize the opportunities I continually miss in the social sphere when it comes to being a savvy networker. How wonderful my fate was that day to be the winner of the door prize! I have already started reading Y.O.U. and am combing so many insights which I hope will "make it rain" on Citizen Advocacy and on the city of Milledgeville. Thank you for helping folks equip themselves for making meaningful connections-optimizing our experiences with other beings-and what I am quite sure will lead to a shift beyond our wildest dreams!


    Brittany Curry Associate Coordinator Oconee Area Citizen Advocacy
  • I met Bonnie Ross-Parker at a networking event in October. We spoke about an upcoming business workshop the City of Smyrna was co-hosting for local business owners and entrepreneurs. When Bonnie offered to facilitate a future workshop for us, I knew she was just the type of speaker who could generate a crowd and deliver relevant content. As expected, Bonnie did her part and more. She began by marketing the workshop to her own network. In the days leading up to the event, she monitored the registration roster so she could prepare materials and customize her presentation. Attendees became participants when they arrived to Bonnie's workshop. Bonnie engaged our participants and encouraged them to ask questions and offer personal examples as case studies for discussion. I heard nothing but positive comments from our business owners at the conclusion of the workshop. Bonnie knows her material, and she presents it in an accessible and relatable manner. She is a professional in every sense of the word, and I am so pleased the City of Smyrna was able to partner with her in this initiative. I highly recommend Bonnie as a workshop facilitator and guest speaker.  

    Jered Sigmon Economic Development Coordinator City of Smyrna, Georgia
  • I would like to thank you again for doing a wonderful job at our debut event, Put Your Dream to the Test Symposium in February. I knew you'd provide a great inter-active workshop while tackling the topic, The Importance of Networking to your Dream. Your signature, "Are YOU a Savvy Networker?" produced rave reviews! Your rich content, your energetic style and ease with which you circulated the room to ensure participation and engagement all combined to offer a first class program. It was clear that the audience was eager to learn, didn't want you to stop sharing ideas and based on the comments that came through the post Symposium survey; you definitely received A+ ratings. Thank you for also providing your signature book, Walk in My Boots - The Joy of Connecting as part of your fee. It was an additional added value. It provided participants the opportunity to take your message home for further enjoyment and reinforcement. I welcome the opportunity to provide a reference for you to any company or program that is considering incorporating networking training as part of their agenda.  

    Taunya A. Lowe, Ph.D Chief Executive Officer and Director of Leadership Development The Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta, LLC The Impact Experience, LLC
  • Hi there Bonnie, I wish to thank you for the workshop training you provided us. I especially enjoyed the interactivity that had us brain-storming about various aspects of networking. . I have the utmost respect for you, your accomplishments and experience in this field. Your willingness to share and provide timely information is priceless. We all know that information is power, however, more importantly - applied information is what it's all about. Showing us the knowledge and helping us to apply it makes your events very practical and hands-on. I appreciate that as well. Wishing you all the very best for continued consistency in doing what you so obviously love ... Keep up the great work.


    Antoinette Singh Entrepreneur
  • I wanted to take time to share my experience with Bonnie Ross-Parker in her in her Savvy Networking Class. From the moment she greeted us with warmth and genuineness, the time was filled with relaxing, stimulating and enjoyable interaction. Her clever and fun humor added much to the training enjoyment and to connecting to her and the other participants. I deeply value Bonnie's ongoing focus on Integrity and kindness in networking and as a way of life. She is gifted in presenting specific principles and words that intelligently and effectively make learning from her memorable and easy to remember. Her ideas are practical and clearly presented in speaking and in work sheets provided. I left with a new dimension of networking with specific tools I did not know before. I give her the highest marks a speaker and trainer can receive. Bonnie is a "Road Best Traveled Person and Speaker."  

    Judy McMillan Ed.S in Counseling Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Licensed Professional Counselor
  • The knowledge and understanding of Effectively Networking was priceless information. I now view and will experience networking totally different. Thank you Bonnie Ross-Parker for a great experience.  

    Tori Nunley N'Vision Enterprise Business Owner
  • My experience with your seminar/ training allowed me to learn more from what others experience. I don't get out to events as much as others but I got a chance to hear what goes on and how to better prepare myself as a professional networker. The bonus of the day was to have you & Phil help us create a 30 second commercial that is effective and can capture the attention of anyone. I truly enjoyed myself.  

    Jackie Heard Ocean Avenue
  • Your workshop was a delight - just what I needed to re-focus and re-energize my networking efforts. I left with a couple of specific "to dos" as well as some new thoughts and lots of good reminders. You are a true mentor and an excellent coach. I look forward to learning more. You are an inspiration!  

    Deedee Morton Marketing HQ
  • I am just taking the opportunity to let you know how pleased we were with your presentation “The Quick Connection” at our live event Profit Acceleration Live. You managed to engage and retain the attention of an audience of 80+ entrepreneurs and to solicit their participation, which is a trait possessed by only expert speakers, for which you are certainly one. You are without a doubt very knowledgeable on the subject of networking, quite energetic, responsive, informative, articulate, and motivational and I would highly recommend you as a speaker to any organization looking for a subject matter expert on networking that can engage and retain the attention of their audience. On a personal level, I want you to know that I appreciate all of your efforts to accommodate our specific needs. You tailoring your content allowed for our audience to thoroughly embrace and apply your strategies to their specific needs. Please feel free to share this letter as you deem appropriate. Also, if you would like to use me as a reference that can be contacted, I will be happy to provide my unhesitating recommendation.  

    Craig Phinn CraigPhinn.com
  • Recently our organization was fortunate enough to host Bonnie as a guest speaker on the topic of networking for our January luncheon. The entire room of approximately 40 women were mesmerized and intent on every syllable uttered by Bonnie in her twenty minute presentation. She is a warm and engaging speaker and imparts very practical and simple but very effective tips for becoming a more effective and natural developer of personal and professional contacts for networking. Her natural empathy and warmth shine through and you cannot avoid becoming friends with her and relying on her to guide your employees, staff and self to deepening relationships in the workplace and personally. You will pleased with her book, her talk and especially her presence. Feel free to contact me with questions.  

    Debra Donaldson Scott Atlanta Women's Network
  • I was delighted to have the opportunity to hear Bonnie Ross-Parker, CEO/Founder, of Xperience Connections, present at our Vinings Business Association March luncheon. Ms. Ross-Parker was our featured speaker. Her presentation on networking was very timely and informative. She taught our members and guests a more effective approach networking that would insure better results for our networking efforts and sales growth for our companies. Her presentation was very well received with great comments offered by our members and guests. I know her to be a multi-dimensional businesswoman/entrepreneur. Ms. Ross-Parker is truly “America’s Connection Diva”. I would be happy to serve as a reference to anyway considering hiring her. The program she offered our group is “The Quick Connection” although I know she has others that are of equal value.

    Richard Block Vinings Business Association
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