Are you tired of individuals making commitments – any commitment – and then not doing what they say they’re going to do? Are you frustrated over the lack of response/appreciation/customer service so prevalent in today’s marketplace? Are people more interested in building their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn followers and connections then building or strengthening the relationships they already have? It’s troubling to recognize that it’s obvious we have lost human touch, compassion and genuine caring in personal and professional relationships.

Everyone is moving so quickly. Everyone is stretched to accomplish what they can in a day. We move from task to task, from one communication to another often with little time to really appreciate, acknowledge and feel blessed by simply living.

When I think of service and the word ‘serve’ I think of what can be done under any situation that lets someone know that they are important, they have value and are respected. Are we each doing our part to treat people with kindness? Are we sensitive to the needs and situations of the people with whom we interact? Are we so entrenched in our own lives that we fail to support and show compassion to those less fortunate?

The news continually reminds us of violence, hatred and disasters – circumstances of which we have no control. We read and watch and are often drawn in to heart breaking stories and accounts that fill the television screen and provide headlines in the newspaper. And we think how fortunate we are to not be impacted directly.

What we can also be thinking is: “What can I do in my small corner of the world to offset what the media portrays?” The great news is – we ALL can do our part to enhance and improve the heart breaking picture to be a more loving one. Do what you say you’re going to do. Express appreciation to those who help you along the way. Respond to situations with respect and get clarity when something is not to your liking. Create instead of react. Think of words that will be acceptable to someone else – not hurtful and destructive.

Thank the banker who takes care of your deposit. Thank the clerk at the cleaners who arrives very early to take in or tenders your laundry. Appreciate the mechanic who fixes your car and, yes, even the customer service operator who manages to resolve an issue.

I recently endured a two hour delay out of LAX airport which resulted in my arrival home later than I had wanted or anticipated. Ever observe angry customers at a gate? What good comes from poor behavior and lack of self- control when the airline staff has nothing to do with weather delays? I watched the women at the counter. They did everything they could to endure some of the poor behaviors they faced. What are people thinking? Why is decent, human kindness missing when situations are not to our liking?

I know we can do a better job. I know we want to be more loving, more accepting, more tolerant and compassion. All it takes is having a servant mindset. Be of service. Be someone on whom others can rely. We are in the journey of life together. Be a force for good in the world. We certainly need it and need you to shift what we see to what can be.

Welcome to 2018. Commit to having the best year ever by maintaining a Servant Mindset!

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  • Pat Hand

    Amen & amen! Thank you, Bonnie. We cannot control situations but we are in full control of our responses. Be kind. Be considerate. When in business do the right thing for the client (or your employees) … it will always be the right thing for you.

  • Vicky V. Bates

    This article made my heart feel so fully reminded of what we can do to make a difference in our corner of the world! I believe that God has rewards waiting on the other side for every active of kindness. What goes around comes around and I want to feel the love when the day/s comes that I may be in a low place and when I will truly need it. We never know what heartache the other person is going through and that’s why I am always striving to be that person that send a ray of sunshine to their world!!!!
    “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” ~ John 15:12-13

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