The expression, ‘Do what you love and love what you do’ is the very foundation of what I am all about. For 20+ years I’ve had the joy, privilege and satisfaction of supporting female entrepreneurs and business women. With a background in education, franchise development, publishing, community involvement and as a professional speaker/author, I know firsthand that the wide variety of my personal and professional experiences have and continue to have an impact on women local to Greater Atlanta and nationwide. At 73+, I haven’t even considered slowing down, sitting around or ‘throwing in the towel’! I love the realization that women want to learn from others who have paved the way, who are eager to emulate other’s success and who acknowledge the benefits that come from a mutually satisfying mentor/mentee relationship.

Fourteen years ago, I founded an organization whose mission is to: encourage and facilitate the growth, performance and integrity of professional women by creating opportunities to foster relationships through a creative exchange of information and referrals. Having been very successful in business and knowing that I could translate my success and pay it forward by helping others, I have never looked back. While women my age are most likely retired, living in 55 and over communities, playing golf, cards and socializing with their peers (and I admire them for choosing what is fulfilling for them), I, on the other hand, feel abundant joy every time I learn that another woman is applying my lessons, my experiences and taking the lead toward her success.

My female platform, Xperience Connections, is a licensed program. The women who step up to become leaders are supporting women in their community, applying valuable lessons for both personal and professional growth, bringing business to their doorstep AND are viewed as a catalyst for the success of others. One participant wrote the following about my program:

“What may appear as simply another “networking event” on your calendar is so much more than that when you attend an Xperience Connections (XC) event. Bonnie Ross Parker, the Founder, has created an experience where women come together to inspire and honor one another. I have heard women say countless times and with tremendous gratitude that they felt valued, heard and supported at XC meetings. Within this unique networking model, underlies the Founder’s intent to treasure each woman’s unique contributions and passions – a true culture of honor.” Susan Brown, Impact Coaching

I love being an example of what is possible as the ‘grandmother’ to Xperience Connections participants. I am grateful that I continue to have the desire, the energy and commitment to inspire others to achieve their own greatness. I have no plans to retire as long as I can provide my enthusiasm, my energy and the value of my experiences.

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