Another pink month has come and gone.  For many, it is cause to celebrate healing, to share compassion with those still going through the breast cancer journey and for all of us to do what we can to establish a cure.  It’s my 3rd year wearing pink daily and the sisterhood of those who understand what that means is strong and endearing.

I had the honor of sharing a bit of my personal story this month at an amazing Pink Celebration co-created by Vicky Bates (XC Co-Leader/Hiram) and Sue Madison (best buddies). During my ‘spotlight’ I offered the following acronym: S.A.F.E. = Support, Attitude, Faith, Empowerment. I am providing this knowing what I discovered/uncovered can apply to ANY challenge.  Some of you have faced your own challenges this year, so I’m hopeful that a bit of encouragement and insight will be helpful as you each continue your journey.

S – Support is a major pathway toward any healing – being willing to ask for help is a sign of strength and being willing to accept support allows others to love on you.

A – Attitude is a mindset we hear reiterated over and over again.  No matter what the circumstance, having a positive, life affirming attitude does help get through life’s challenges.

F is for Faith.  This is about acknowledging your spiritual leader, believing that no matter what, you are guided during very difficult times.  Trust can give you the hope and perseverance needed to keep going.

And, lastly, E is for Empowerment  This is your platform for strength, resiliency and determination.  We all have the capacity to endure, to rise about what we face and to take life’s challenges head on.

Be SAFE. And, may you be well always and in all ways.  You are loved.

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Thank you to Patty Wells of PatriciaWellsPhotography for the beautiful “Pink Lady” head shot. Patty was gracious enough to photograph all of the survivors at the Pink Ribbon Celebration! 

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